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Implants, Dentures Are a Snap with Dr. Louis Diamandakos, Peterborough

Dental implants and dentures serve much the same function. Both put a tooth where there was none before. The “tooth” or “teeth,” of course, are artificial.

Implant Surgery

Dr. Louis Diamandakos, in conjunction with the periodontist, will implant a substitute tooth through a simple surgery that involves the implantation of a nickel screw (because nickel adheres to bone well). After a few months of healing, Dr. Diamandakos will affix a very natural-looking artificial tooth to the part of the screw poking up above the surface of your gum. This tooth should last the duration of your life.


Dr. Diamandakos can also use similar screws implanted in your jawbone to make your dentures permanent – or you can simply order more traditional dentures that you can remove in both full and partial versions.

Call us if you believe you qualify for implants or dentures.

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