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Dr. Louis Diamandakos Offers Crowns & Bridges in Peterborough

Many patients find themselves in need of crowns and bridges from time to time. Although your teeth are made to last a lifetime, accidents will happen and tooth decay does occur, leaving you with holes and gaps in your teeth. Dr. Louis Diamandakos can make your teeth like new with crowns and bridges. Call our office if you think you need a crown or bridge.

New Chewing Surface

If you have a tooth that is broken or damaged – perhaps from a root canal treatment – Dr. Diamandakos will use tooth-coloured dental porcelain to cap it. Thereafter, you’ll have a tooth with an improved chewing surface that looks just like your previous, undamaged tooth.

Bridging the Gap

Dr. Diamandakos can also fabricate a completely artificial tooth or teeth and affix it to the teeth on either side of a gap. Leaving a gap in your mouth not only disrupts your chewing ability, but it also leaves space for the two adjacent teeth to drift out of alignment. By creating that bridge, Dr. Diamandakos can assure your alignment is intact. In addition, you won’t have any embarrassing gaps in your mouth.

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